Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday night insomnia

Highlights of my weekend:

Friday: In place of a hot date I third-wheeled it to Salsa class where I was fortunate to find a partner who was not only unable to count in English (because he didn't speak it), but also the victim of what I like to call third-world sweatshop humor - his rather trendy army-style t-shirt was emblazoned with the catchy slogan, "drunknmunkee."

After salsa came popsicles, a hot tub* and turbo cranium**.
*Insert additional popsicle here.**Insert chocolate eclair here.

Saturday: Finally made it to a group of friend's Saturday ritual of ultimate frisbee. Managed to make one block but fear this was overshadowed by my turrets-like cursing each time I dropped the frisbee (especially unfortunate as a friend had brought the majority of his middle and high school youth group out to play). Saturday afternoon was spent assembling more mini-cupcakes than I could count (but not too many for me to eat) for our fundraiser on Saturday night which was a smashing success. People were receptive to the mission of The Africa Project and generous - and only one person asked how much they'd have to donate to meet Angelina Jolie. As any Africa-focused event might, the evening ended with a rowdy discussion as to the merits of Bono and whether or not he is, in fact, genuine or simply just a really short Irish guy who'd rather chill with Mandela than Madonna.

Sunday: Turned down the first offer to surf as I was still a bit buzzed, took up the second and had a fantastic day down at Doheny where I actually stood up! Followed it up with In N Out (again) and a swim before coming home for a bath, pedicure and movie.

Things to look forward to on Monday: Will be catching up on the show my brother helped film, "How to Get the Guy," and responding to what I think is a flirty myspace message the guitarist from my new favorite singer's band sent me. Both are sure to inspire a blog diatribe at some point in the future, the latter especially as to how to balance being confident and acknowledging when someone's flirting with jumping the gun and driving him away with overzealousness. Insert visual of my inner romantic catching the glimmer of a fascinating guy and leaping through the heart strings I've worked so hard to untangle in the last year. Must try and take something away from the traffic guy debaucle, but with no explanation as to why that fizzled I'm not sure how to do anything different...

And with those disorganized thoughts I bid myself to bed.


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