Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The upside of traffic school

So I'm a bit giddy this morning after a surprise date last night with the stop sign rebel I met at traffic school. It took a while to figure out when we'd meet up as we both had plans to go to yoga, he to Bikram, me to the good 'ol regular variety. After a conversation that screamed "it's 6:00, I have low blood sugar please do not ask me to figure out time/place/dinner or drinks!" we managed to settle on meeting up post-yoga for a drink near my house. Of course I never made it (to yoga that is) and chose to watch L.A. Story instead. I was actually quite nervous. Possibly because at least on a surface level, here's a guy with some serious potential. He's tall (the disappearing act was uncomfortably short for me - I tried to ignore it but alas, vanity has its moments), well-educated and driven. And I suppose most importantly, he has that same sense that I do that being young isn't just about being carefree, it's about finding the balance in your life to achieve the right kind of success - to know what you're working at reflects who you are and where you want to be at some point in the future. I'm not sure that some of the deeper values/life perspectives are shared - but that's why you date anyway, to figure that out, right? Either way - it was a fun night in which we shut down the restaurant and the beach (ooh!) and I'm looking forward to meeting up(and looking up - I'm talking TALL) again :)


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