Monday, June 12, 2006

not dumped, delayed

It's been suggested that 'the waiter' is in need of a nickname upgrade. Based on our conversation last night (on the phone - we didn't end up meeting up) I'm proposing NAYATNB, which stands for 'Not As Young As the Navy Boy.' For any of you who missed that little interlude in my foray into dating let's just say I have received PLENTY of grief from the girls already. Of course grief or no grief - he was dang cute in his navy whites...

Still, in the scheme of cutting myself a HUGE amount of slack as I give this dating thing a try, he was probably a bit young. And the waiter (oops, I mean NAYATNB) only has a couple years on him. I suppose I have been making a lot of excuses in the name of putting myself out there - I'm not being ridiculously selective (at least until the second date) because I'm not really in the market for anything serious. If I were more inclined to romance at the moment I'd probably be more careful, but as it is, I'm kind of getting a kick out of meeting completely random people and seeing where that takes me.

I did just watch the movie Prime, in which a 37 year old Uma Thurman signs divorce papers after a 9 year marriage and immediately falls for a 23 year old. Their relationship didn't pan out - but I think it was less because of the age difference and more because of the actual age. The 20's are where the gray matter of your life starts to form - so these might be the years when age matters most. No matter, I'm out to have fun, so here's to a delayed date with a slightly younger guy in need of a new nickname. Until then...


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