Saturday, June 03, 2006

And so it starts

There must be a million ways to start a blog but I'm just gonna do it. I'm a girl whose been in a bunch of serious relationships (o.k. 4) and is now trying to get in some serious single time with all the fixings (blind dates! one night stands! strange men's phone numbers on cocktail napkins!) before hopefully, one day, meeting the man of my dreams. And, since very little else of consequence seems to be happening in my life (not entirely true but almost), why not chronicle the experience? I really tried my hardest to have my first blog be about the bachelor my mom bought me - but realized as I started to write that any witty tales I might spin were unlikely to offer anything funnier than the fact that my mom actually did buy me a bachelor.

So jumping right in - this Friday proved to be quite good in the boy department, even as I lamented the fact that the first person I've actually "dated" since my most serious break up just about a year ago, has suddenly fallen off the face of the earth. It's been sad not to hear from him because he's clearly a very sweet guy, and the last month or so hanging out has included quite fun things - good music, good food, good drinks - but decidedly un-good kissing. And while I can excuse a lot of things, I have found myself not finding the increasing distance between phone calls overly concerning given that I just couldn't get into a good make out with this guy. Still, the fact that he just appears to have disappeared hasn't made me feel that great - so the positive attention received today was especially appreciated.

This took two forms - the first being what I consider an almost flirtatious conversation with my dentist, who as my friends know, I have had a long standing crush on. A few months back I managed to find myself in the middle of a real-life day dream as I ran into him at a bar just south of where I live. He was, as my friend Eric exclaimed, "drinking out of a fishbowl." Some people might let this fact interfere with their extreme crushing, I found it somewhat endearing (he's a succesful dentist and he doesn't care whether he's drinking a sissy-la la drink!). Brownie points for me today consisted of his remember he ran into me, acknowledging that he was a bit schmammered and going so far as to acknowledge he doesn't get out much because all his friends are married. Now, in your head he probably sounds like a dork at this point - but might I glean just a little something from the friends being married comment, like he's trying to tell me he's single? And looking to see the night life a bit? Three cavities later I had worked up the courage to suggest we take a tour of the town sometime soon, provided he gave me the standard follow-up call he always does after he drills my teeth to oblivion. Of course he didn't call, so I'll have to keep day dreaming until the next visit.

Secondly (remember, we're counting here!), after a truly overwhelming (in all the best ways) interview experience for a rotary scholarship this evening, I went to dinner with a few girl friends at a Spanish restaurant in Fullerton. And, after much flirting and a decision to balls up and do something to actually secure a date left my number for the cute waiter who bought us our last two Sangrias himself. After giving him a generous tip and my number (and now realizing I think I totalled my bill completely wrong...did I mention I'm a budget analyst?) I realized he'd cleverly crossed out the restaurant number and left his own on my copy of the receipt. Here's to hoping he'll still call even after he realizes I have the mathmatical and multi-tasking abilities of a 4 year old.


Anonymous noah said...

I've just started reading your blog from the begining and the one thing that stands out so far is that close to 2 years later and a guy being a good kisser is still tops on your list.. funny. :)

Can't wait to read more, I think I'm in for a long but enjoyable night.

2/13/2008 9:45 PM  

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