Sunday, June 11, 2006

sunday sunny sunday

Dating appears to be a state of mind. Once embraced, the opportunities to pursue it seem to open up in ways previously missed. Take for instance my traffic school experience yesterday. I left the house at 6:50 a.m. having JUST found my necessary paperwork and thinking I needed to be there at 7. By 7:04 I was still looking for the courthouse, regretting my decision to forego mapquest and calling my roomate to wake her up to assure me I was going the right way. The mad dash needn't have happened - I simply joined 550 people lined up around the courthouse for about 45 minutes of waiting in line once I got there. The court has recently installed metal detectors so it took the random sampling of Orange County citizens a good hour and a half to get through the doors and into our over-stuffed classrooms. I ended up with a 'special' seat - the instructor's own I think, as all the normal courtroom seats were full. I was one of the last before they started filling the jury box - it was a tight fit! Still, in my roller seat sitting in the middle of the aisle I managed to be next to a friendly guy being penalized for a rolling stop on his way to work, and by the end of the day we'd traded notes and numbers.

Today is Sunday and I'm still waiting to see if the waiter follows through on our date tonight - last I heard from him was Friday night when he called to make sure we were still on. Think I'll take a little nap and wait and see :)


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