Sunday, June 18, 2006

a weekend well done

I often feel like I'm not taking the best advantage of where I live while I have the chance. Well, this weekend I can say that I did 100%! We did everything so-cal style this weekend - BBQ on Friday night then music and drinks on the water, picnic at the beach on Saturday, museum opening Saturday night and surfing followed by In-N-Out and a bike ride today. Feels so good to be outside!

On the romance front it was a fairly good weekend as well, though I actually bypassed the date with the waiter (Sorry J - I have no other nickname) fearing he's too young and my energies have been more drawn to my tall traffic schooler. He joined us on Friday night and I am a bit smitten - though we haven't talked since so I am having a hard time convincing myself it's love at first site. I hate this stage - when you're not sure if the feelings are totally reciprocal, or there are fireworks but not quite enough to get past the initial ackward stages of "should I call or not call?" I of course always call (I know - a ding against me) - but I honestly think that when the situation's right, the rules go out the window. So does that mean the situation's not right? I do get a sense that he's a bit overwhelmed with life right now - he's in school, working full time and seems pulled in a few different directions. So while from my perspective this is one of the first people to come along that doesn't bring out the commitment phobe in me, he seems to be in a slightly different place. I suppose I'll just wait and see. I'll definitely be bummed if it fizzles, but if I can say anything about the experiences I've had lately, it's that ultimately finding Mr. Right or getting to a point where you're ready for something more than just a few drinks and some hand holding isn't something you control. It'll happen when it happens so until then - I'll focus on enjoying So-Cal and dreaming on whatever comes next.

One last thing - it is the exes birthday today. I sent him a text message and he didn't respond. I know he wouldn't want me to call, (at least I don't think he would) but I do hope he knows I'm thinking of him...


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