Wednesday, August 16, 2006

We're in the navy now

Last night I braved total neighbor-action induced fatigue to see an incredible show in L.A. with one of my favorite peeps and his band of brothers. A very fun night all around and Sara B. did not disappoint! I think she's inspired me to true fan status - I think she's gonna be big and I'll be first in line to camp out and score her tickets when she is. What's great too is for a long time when I'd see great musicians my appreciation for their music would be overshadowed by my total sadness at having flopped as a musician myself - I get jealous that some people not only have the talent but the drive and the gift to communicate who they are and where they're at through the medium of music. Sara, however, is just so good that there's no room for jealousy - I just sit there thankful that she's been gifted with what she has and I get to partake in it. Not to mention how much fun it is to sing along. Check out a song from her upcoming album here.

Anyway - show was great and in the middle I got a text message from the navy boy who is officially of legal drinking age (thank God) and coming to San Diego next month. We'll just have to see what kind of trouble I manage to get myself into with this feisty little (and by little I mean figuratively - he's ripped!) 'Angelito.'


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