Thursday, August 10, 2006

Getting to know my neighbors

I haven't been sleeping very well lately. Every night, no matter how sleep deprived I am, I get a burst of energy around 9:30 and can't wind down until around 11-12. The past couple nights it has been even worse - Tuesday didn't get me to bed until midnight. When I finally started to drift off around 12:30 I was convinced I felt an earthquake (though this says I was wrong)and was promptly wide awake. I even remember deciding it was about a 2.4 - us California girls know how to score a quake - even if it is in a dream. Anyway, feeling robbed of my chance to drift off I lay hoping against hope that I'd be able to wind down again, when I realized that I wasn't the only one awake. My apartment backs up against an ally to a large house and some condos, and we also share walls with two other apartments. Yes, it was time for me to really experience the joys of what my roommate dubs, "neighbor sex." This is the second time it's happened - but the last was a couple weekends ago when I was pretty much still asleep - so I could tell it was out there but I was more or less unconscious. Tuesday night was a different story - it was hot, my internet was down and I didn't want to read or do anything that might wake me up even more. Are you considered a voyeur if you have no other choice? I mean I'm laying in bed in the privacy of my own home! The whole thing was just odd though - I could only hear the girl, who sounded VERY into things - but it was clear she was talking to someone (not going solo) and I never heard his voice. My roommate thinks that it may have been our neighbor who quote "doesn't double date" - meaning he's a one-night stand kind of guy. We've never heard him before - so this could have just been a new and especially vocal kind of girl.

This morning I thought they were at it again - but the more I heard (standing in our bathroom makes you feel like you are in someone else living room - you just can't tell what direction the sound comes from) the more it started to sound like porn. THEN it started to sound like a TV show where someone was giving birth - but still with an overtone of porn. My only thought on that combination: FREAKING EW. I have GOT to figure out who the hell my neighbors are. Or maybe it's better not to know at this point...


Blogger Me:The Sequel said...

It's pretty simple - next time you have an overnight guest make it a real gusher! I'm talkin' an 8.5er here.

Your point will come across then. So to speak.

Mind you, it might backfire by turning them on and inciting a rousing performance on their, um, parts.

8/10/2006 2:01 PM  

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