Tuesday, January 30, 2007

from 2D to 3D

This has been a funny week. I've taken to calling it media week because somehow in my life and the lives of those around me - the media has totally taken over. I've already shared about how I was going to do a little "how-to" segment for my cousin's company for a division of HGTV - that was today. Aside from having to make my way through the world's largest convention center with a tub full of water sloshing about and forgetting my powder (I think the most key piece of makeup when you're going to be filmed!) it went really well. I have a feeling they'll just show my hands and me making the kit, and then do their own voice over based on the info I provided. Either way - it should be a great thing for the company and it was fun to be a part of (and made me feel better about this really cute sweater I bought with Addy this weekend - it was perfect for my t.v. debut!).

Before I left this morning, I got an email from Allan telling me about his most recent press - a t.v. spot that I assume was filmed for a show in London. You can see it on his website here - there's a few pics of us in Montreal and surfing (though none of my videos made the cut).

Then after the convention I went to a board meeting for a non-profit a friend started, and I got to see the hard copy of a newspaper article featuring the organization that was published yesterday. I'd seen the online version - but the print version was amazing - her picture was on the front cover, and the organization (Ripple Kids) had a huge spread in the "Life" section.

Also - this Friday night I'm going to a t.v. show taping with Addy who went to university with John Ritter's son Josh, so we're going to sit in the audience for a taping of his new show, which should be fun.

Right now I'm having a little vegging out time after a crazy day and watching the final episodes of Sex and the City. I had my first big cry watching Carrie say goodbye to her girls before she moves to Paris with the Russian. I know moving is going to be hard - I'm putting it outside of my thoughts so I can focus on this time off for what it is. But every once in awhile it catches up with me and all I can do is give myself a moment to let it sink in, before I push it off again in order to get ready for it. Holy shit this is going to be hard.*

*This post did not end where it started...but I suppose sometimes you just gotta go with it...


Blogger Peter DeWolf said...

"Ripple Kids" is a brilliant idea! I so dig stuff like that.

As for "The Class," I thought the pilot was pretty mediocre. But, was convinced to keep watching because a blog friend's sister writes for the show. And it really grew on me. Have fun!

1/31/2007 4:03 AM  
Blogger H said...

Megan I think your move is going to be fabulous. And we'll be looking forward to reading all about your new adventures!

1/31/2007 1:04 PM  
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