Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Belly laughing is good for the soul

When I was in D.C. I made it a point to visit Arlington Cemetery and the Holocaust Museum - two places I'd missed on my first trip there. Needless to say, they are not the easiest places to be. That said, I find them so important in their tribute and memorial to those that have been lost - both willingly and by no choice of their own - to the throws of humanity's darkest side.

After leaving Arlington Cemetery we walked to the WWII memorial so I could take some pictures for my dad, and in so doing passed the following sign:

I don't know if it was the heaviness of Arlington or what, but this launched me into a fit of giggles to the point where I couldn't breathe.

"I don't know, IS there a bathroom to the left?"

"Do you REALLY have to go?"

"There MIGHT be a restroom over there, but you won't know until you try, right?"

I love when laughter shows up at just the right time.



Blogger S'Mat said...

HAHA! great signage that one. In the context of the cemetary, I get "what is the gender division now?" out of it.

11/27/2007 3:37 PM  
Blogger Peter DeWolf said...

What DOES that mean?

11/27/2007 7:28 PM  
Blogger With Love, Fat Girl said...

One of the best stories I read off some website was about this funeral, where everyone is in deep mourning for the wonderful elderly gentleman who has just passed away. The sadness in the room is overbearing when all of a sudden, clowns, midgets, jugglers and dancing poodles all come trundling down the aisle. There was even a bearded lady I believe, all the performers were coming to pay their respects... turns out uncle used to be in the circus when he was young!

11/29/2007 9:21 PM  
Blogger Indiana James said...

If you're gender neutral or just wanna have fun being undecided over to the right. I'm glad that you were able to laugh at that. I tend to lose my control when I see funny stuff. Unfortunately for me, sometimes that happens when I'm working and people are around...

11/30/2007 5:15 PM  

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