Thursday, November 16, 2006

music seeps back in

I saw an amazing show last night. As I watched a group of musicians I adore (some of whom I just learned of) join together to celebrate the end of a tour that stood for everything I stand for (namely harmony and finding a solution to the Aids crisis in Africa) I wondered, why the heck am I not up there with them? And I don't mean them specifically, but why after a lifetime of singing am I suddenly without any venue with which to share my voice? Just because I know it's not a great one? Because music is frequently more than the rub of vocal chords - it's the process, the community, the navigating of life through words and notes and melody. And I think since I realized I couldn't quite get my voice to coordinate with my hands and that my voice wasn't strong enough to make its way on its own, I gave up. And like so many insights I've had this year I'm starting to see this decision for what it was - cowardice, laziness - a let down to myself and how I was made. So add finding my way back into a world of notes to my increasing list of things to do in my upcoming time off and exploration.

In the meantime - if you haven't heard of these artists - check them out.

Schuyler Fisk
Josh Radin
Sara Bareilles
Jim Bianco


Blogger Natalia said...

Time off and exploration. What a combo. I need a little or a lot of both. I don't think I've ever regretted taking the time to get to know me and think about what I want and need. Here's to that!


11/16/2006 1:39 PM  

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