Monday, August 28, 2006

Rocked my socks

This weekend f'in rocked. I say f'in because I definitely got called out for using f'in the other day and yah, I use it, what gives? Anyway - Friday night met up with my adorable friend Scott to get coached on the Gallup Strengths test he gave me access to. He's in grad school and needs to do follow-up counseling for this test for 20 people or so and as I'm uber out of touch with my "strengths" I happily signed up. I found out my top five Gallup-assessed strengths are as follows:

1) Responsibility
2) Input
3) Connectivity
4) Futuristic
5) Arranger

Scott had some really good ideas about how to draw on these in my daily life and in moving forward, and gave me some direction on goal-setting which I'm pretty stoked about. Afterwards, we went out dancing with the roomate and my friend Steph who was in town at my favorite South County spot. After being completely humiliated by the band when we were called up and forced to dance in front of a the one room in the bar that wasn't chock full of people (it was thus hugely more evident that we were neither drunk enough or skanky enough to truly embrace the opportunity) we escaped to the room with the dj and got our real groove on. And, wonder of wonders, the dentist was totally there. I've run into him there before but didn't expect to again. I didn't end up talking to him because the situation just didn't present itself, but I'm looking forward to giving him a hard time on Wednesday (during my teeth cleaning - oh yah, can't you see how the stage is set for complete romance and allure? I'm a sexy-ass girl with fluoride all over my face) for not saying hi.

The waves Saturday were AMAZING - met up with my nephew who just moved down here and some of his roomates and indulged in absolutely perfect conditions. Josh stopped by for a bit after they left and then I headed home for the perfect post-surf nap. Spent Saturday night hanging out with Pete and his friend Dan at Pete's grandparents place in San Clemente - had a nice little fire and then hauled our tired asses into bed where we all cuddled and watched "Where the Red Fern Grows." I'll admit, this was not Pete's first choice but Dan and I were adamant, remembering the absolute magic of that book and the way it made our little seventh grade hearts melt when Old Dan took that mountain lion on and then Little Ann died of a broken heart. Seriously - you can't bottle that shit - but suffice it to say the soundtrack by the Osmonds was just ridiculous enough to throw the whole thing into complete cheeseville. I did have a moment of nostalgia when he actually sees the red fern for the first time - took me right back to the book.

Sunday I read the paper with my little housesitting charge Koti at the beach, and then headed up to meet the girls for a Boricua festival. Let's just call a spade a spade - Puerto Ricans can dance! We left our pride at the gate and got out there with the best of them - it was such a fun day and I definitely feel like I'm past the fear of being asked to dance by someone who actually knows what they're doing stage - sure I stepped on some toes but I had on a flippy skirt and my hips moved so it's a start! And, made friends with a host of characters including Papo, Francisco, Alberto and Carlos - so we have Salsa partners on call from Puerto Rico, Peru, Panama and Nicaruaga when we want them :)

It was truly a great weekend all around - caught up with friends and family who are out of town and just felt really, really settled in my life. With everything I've been thinking about in terms of work/relocating etc. - it was just nice to feel at home but also connected with everyone that's up north and beyond. I love my peeps.


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I drop the f-bomb on a regular basis. I like it and I'm not going to apologize for it!

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