Monday, October 09, 2006

Columbus Day

Today marks something like the 4th week in a row of 4-day work weeks. Why I'd ever consider leaving this job is beyond me (I jest, although the vacation and time off IS going to make it extremely hard). I spent much of this three day weekend cleaning and sorting through things - I got SO much done, managed to have a little fun and feel very well rested (which after last weekend is a blessing and a half). Yesterday I went grocery shopping and kept my eye out for the cute Trader Joe's guy - though when I found him I managed to turn into a complete dork and rather than say something cute about how I was supposed to teach him to surf (as we discussed the first time I saw him) I could only muster enough courage to ask him whether they had a low-fat feta (we were in the cheese section afterall), to which he said they didn't. I did correct him after I found the low-fat feta, and gave him a wicked coy smile when I ran into him a bit later - but left it at that. I suppose there's always next week.

Tonight I went to dinner with a guy I met last weekend. I started a post I never finished about the night, which resulted in me and a girlfriend going to a random party after we closed down the bar we were at, and she promptly exploring a dark corner with the cute, Harvard-grad, Democrat we had met up with - which left me with the loud, USC-grad (my girlfriend's alma mater), REPUBLICAN. Yes, a good deal of the night was spent with us shrieking at each other - although I must say I spent a plenty of time telling him I didn't want to argue - that arguing is everything that's wrong with politics (both parties) today. Still, by the end of the night he insisted on taking me to dinner and hell, I won't turn down a good dinner and fiery conversation if presented. So we went out tonight and managed to leave politics and global affairs off the table all the way through the appetizer - and then all systems were go. I must say, he talked much more than I did - and he knew what he was talking about - though I couldn't get him to see that we're not necessarily on different sides of the fence - we just look at things from a different perspective, thus the framework of our conversation as a whole could be different. I do learn a lot in these conversations - when I take the time to really listen to someone who has different political perspectives than I do - and I think it's important to do so. Still, it never ceases to amaze me that when it comes down to it, idealogy is often left out of the political system all together - it ends up black or white, right or wrong all too often and a bigger picture thought process isn't accessible. This is never more true than in the "war on terror" - when people really feel every moment is choosing between good or evil - and thus its easy to throw basic democratic fundamentals out the window in the name of protection. Ok, the white wine is getting to me - I'll sign off before I say anything that could be held against me!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend - I hope to have more fun updates soon :)


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